The Grey Dog

Grey Dog. It’s everyone’s favorite “safe” spot. There are three easy locations – Nolita, Chelsea and Greenwich Village. They offer everything on a menu that you could possibly want from sandwiches, salads, soups to nachos, salmon and turkey burgers. They also have a bakery. It’s good for students although still pricey as you’ll cash in with a $12 salad. You order at the counter, grab your number and take a seat. No pressure, no problems and all satisfaction. I love the Country Salad with tofu. I don’t know why but their tofu sure stands out. Its firm and tastes as fresh as tofu can be on top of greens with red onion, chickpeas, cucumber and a fabulous house vinaigrette. The brioche bread is also an added bonus. For sandwiches you have the option of choosing between all kinds of breads such as Nine Grain, Cranberry Walnut, Challah, Sourdough, etc.. Go with the cranberry to make it a tad sweet, obviously. I always get the Turkey and Brie Sandwich. You can even go halfsies with a sandwich and country salad combo for $12.50. The bread is super thick so this option feels better. Also, when you need a PB&J sandy you can come here and not feel guilty for not making your own at home. The breads here make it a perfectly acceptable decision and the thick layers of peanut butter and jelly have you covered.

Country Salad + Tofu
For breakfast, they have a Grey Dog’s Breakfast special which is Eggs any style, French Toast OR pancakes, home fries and choice of bacon, sausage or ham for $13.50. The egg sandwich with cheese on a croissant looks pretty smashing as well. I’m not a huge fan of the cookies. Yes, they look incredible but those huge disks can be hard. Maybe just heat it up a bit. However, the thick cut brownie is the jam. This dense, chocolate bar hits the spot, and it’s rich when you just need a couple bites after lunch.

The University location seems to be the most packed during breakfast hours and the Mulberry/Nolita location is easy breezy at night when you want to pop in for dinner. All the locations remind me of cafes in Austin around UT’s campus like Austin Java. The counters, the colorful and crafty menus on the wall and the seat yourself service is identical. Grey Dog is always a good option when you need something quick or when you just can’t decide where to eat. Side note: the delivery guys on Mulberry Street’s location might shock you with their good looks when you answer the door. I still am not sure how they are delivery guys…

Oh and obviously dogs are allowed!

Mulberry Street