The East Pole

The East Pole is The Fat Radish’s more mature sister who lives uptown in the Upper East Side. While the crowd is a few years older, the food is also a few ticks tastier. It’s the kind of food you want to feed your soul: healthy yet comforting at the same time. If the weather is nice, you can also grab one of the cute tables outside on the porch and that makes the night even more delectable. The portions are pretty large and the care and precision that goes into each dish is apparent by the way it looks and with each bite. It’s easy to eat light and veggie friendly here until that dank burger pops out of nowhere and the juicy smell and butter bun race up your nose. While I had orders remorse by not trying this meaty sandwich, I guarantee you it’s gotta be one of the best burgers up here. We started with the Avocado Squash, Heirloom Tomato Salad with Kaffir Lime Dressing. Do not be fooled as there are actually no avocados in here, just a green looking squash that looks exactly like everyone’s favorite green guacamole maker, yet it tastes like a zucchini. It’s fresh, light, citrusy, and filling.

Avocado Squash & Tomato Salad

We shared the special cooked and smoked Herring fish of the day which was bathing in green peas and pea puree. Vegetable purees really make the best seafoods sauces. Need to learn that trick in the kitchen in my spare time (ha). My favorite thing on the menu, however, are the side of Carrots. Of course, they have a kick of honey and cumin which makes them only a tad sweet. The purple carrots just have a much better and deeper taste than traditional orange ones all of us common people buy. I would eat this dish everyday if I had the privilege. It’s also a huge portion size which you’ll definitely appreciate because they are hard to share since you’ll want them all to yourself. 

The crowd here is definitely Upper East Siders, fancy dressers, after work eaters, and people like me who were going to see the Jamie XX “Tree of Codes” Show at the Park Avenue Armory around the corner. It’s an ideal pre dinner spot for any shows there. However, you downtowners should consider making an extra special trip up here, the food is worth it, memorable, and a place I definitely want to come back to sooner rather than later.