The City Bakery

The City Bakery is known throughout New York for its giant chocolate chip melted cookies and flaky Pretzel Croissants. At the 18th Street location, there is a cold and hot food bar and a new juice bar which makes it ideal for lunch pick-ups or a coffee meeting. The hot food includes things like: spaghetti squash, tarts, pizzas and mac ‘n cheese while the cold food is: broccoli, veggies, beans, fish and chicken. I have recently become addicted to the Wasabi Pea Crusted Tofu. I’m pretty sure non soy lovers will enjoy these flavorful nuggets, and it’s a perfect flavor combo. The beets are awesome too but since price is measured by weight here (similar to Whole Foods), it can get expensive. The options change daily so it’s a surprise when you arrive, but it’s often consistent within the month. While the cookies aren’t my absolute favorite, they are still a good fix when you need something sweet. They are cooked perfectly but for some reason it tastes like something is missing…maybe salt? Beats me! However, if I’m nearby I will breakdown and buy one. The Pretzel Croissant is unique and a good eat as well. The great thing about City Bakery is that you can have your healthy veggies if you want or slide on over to the comfort food station if you need a pick-me-up. The new juices are pretty cool and tasty but a lot thicker and less refreshing than Liquiteria. ¬†With the juice kick taking over, you might as well go in for a try. Get the Greenmarket Kale & Cucumber. It has olive oil in it which is interesting, but it’s lighter than the one that has avocado and vanilla in it.

During winter, their February Hot Chocolate Festival is also incredible, and each day is a different flavor such as: Ginger Hot Chocolate, Caramel Hot Chocolate, Banana Peel Hot Chocolate, etc.. It’s the richest coco you’ve ever had and a nice warm treat when it’s freezing out. You should definitely be looking forward to this.

For those of you who think you see these giant cookies at other little bakeries around the city that look strikingly similar, you are correct. Birdbath is the same company, and they exist on Prince in SoHo, on 1st Ave and on 3rd Ave in EV, in the New Museum and in Tribeca.