Taart Work Pies

Want your name on a pie? Want your name on a pie that looks awesome and also tastes like heaven? Yes, the answer is yes, and it’s not a trick question. These adorable Taart Work pies offer custom lettering and design. The woman behind these masterpieces, Brittany Bennett, began making these in her Brooklyn kitchen while experimenting with her Oma’s pie crust using new fillings from the farmer’s market and less than traditional crust toppings. The seasonal pies range from Apple, Pumpkin, Baked Chocolate and as summer arrives even more berry options.

My dedicated “Chekmark Eats” apple pie was baked the morning it arrived at my doorstep gorgeous and cute as can be. The swirled looking apples are a tad deceiving because you might not think you’d get a taste of the fruit in each bite, but luckily I was wrong. Oma’s crust is unbelievable and ridiculous. It’s unlike any pie crust I’ve ever had and way better than most. It’s not flaky like a croissant, but more crumbly and sweet like a sugar cookie. This crust is a remarkable  combination with the cinnamon and apples and instantly makes you think WTF (see you can really get anything written on these delicate guys). I can’t get enough of how cute this business is, and the best part is that it actually tastes so delicious because it’s homemade and fresh and not processed in a bakery.

You can order your own customized pie at [email protected] or through the order form on the website www.taartworkpies.com. The pies are delivered all around New York City boroughs for a small fee. The company is still small, so orders should be placed a week or two in advance to coordinate delivery and discuss flavors available/in season. Pie sizes range from mini sizes of 4 inches to personal of 9 inches.

This is the perfect idea for your Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day picnics when you really want to show off your Instagram game- don’t roll your eyes, you people are real. It’s also just legit and something you don’t see everyday. Go ahead, add a smile to your loved one’s face- friends, family, partner. It just might do the trick- just don’t forget the vanilla ice cream.