The Surf Lodge in Montauk

I have a hard time finding food in Montauk that I am overly satisfied with. Now, this Bagel Sandwich from Goldberg’s after a night of rosé can’t really be the best thing at the end of the world can it? Man that bagel really is always perfect though. The Surf Lodge which is a boutique “beachy” hotel is known for it’s live concerts, late night parties (until this year), and beautiful sunsets on the water, but no one ever talks about the food…until now. I headed out there for dinner rolling deep with a crew of 8 for dinner and early enough to see Saint Motel perform. I love these guys who jump for joy and love every minute they have on that stage. If only I had a reservation for 9 people that lead singer could have share my Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese with me. I mean it’s the least I could offer him.

Anyway, out in Montauk everyone dresses a little too “much” for me, but it’s what you expect and everyone is trying to play the part. I guess if they weren’t dressed so fratty and hipstery all together I might be uncomfortable and not know where I was. On to the food because yes, the food is indeed just as important as all the babes you’ll be staring at. Put that order in for the $85 Seafood Tower. The beach is the perfect place to go all out on oysters, poached shrimp tea smoked mussels, roasted clams, and the most amazing and meaty King Crab Claws I’ve had all summer. I didn’t see the Salad section, but the Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese which now that I’m looking at the website is $30 is worth it all. We shared it with the whole table and lets just say those who wanted to finish it off until the end got their fair share and those who wanted to try it were able to have enough, so the size is great. Another thing to just go ahead and throw in the table order are the Fried Shishito Peppers and Fried Calamari with Mint and Sambal Mayo. The calamari did the trick for sure. It’s not too deep fried, but just crispy enough to give you some comfort food yet breaded just the right amount so that you don’t think you actually blew it for your beach day tomorrow.


I shared the Pan Roasted Scallops with Cashew-Chili Relish, Braised Hijiki, and Pea Tendril Salad as well as the Charred Octopus. I LOVED the scallops. This sauce is rad. The octo was a little overcooked, but what can you do. Saint Motel is playing right outside and there is a gorgeous sunset showing off in front of your face, so we’ll let that slide. Hopefully the chef got to see it too and that’s why it was overcooked. Oh, wow, I was so serious about the food and music, I forgot to mention how memorable, yes, memorable the cocktails are! Watermelon juice mixed with alcohol really puts that summer vibe into you. The last dish that I was most pleasantly surprised by was the Lobster Roll with Fries. I’m sorry I didn’t trust it, but when I saw at the table behind us, I knew it would be awesome. The meat is great, the fries, are great and it’s a nice treat with that watermelon juice. All in all, The Surf Lodge puts happy campers in their seats. Ask for Robert- he’s the stylish guy with the best hats and works super hard. He makes your experience more than lovely. Just watch out for the bathroom line…

If your headed out there this Labor Day weekend, the best way to make it into the concert (which actually isn’t New York style crowded because they only let enough people in to make it comfortable) is to make an early dinner reservation so you can walk right in. Thursday, Sept 1 is No MADDZ, Friday, Sept. 2 is BEACH SLANG, and Saturday, Sept. 3 is GARY CLARK JR. all at 6 p.m.

IMG_0109Saint Motel