Supper along with its three counterparts (Frank, Lil’ Frankie’s and Sauce) offers some of the best, affordable and authentic Italian food downtown. This location is on the cusp of no-man’s land and populated by scruffy yet artsy East Village-style guys and gals. Their bar next door occupies the overflow from the restaurant, and you can grab a nice glass of wine while you wait for your table. A curtain greets you as you enter the restaurant and a larger room exists in the back with red booths, mirrors and religious artwork. It’s very dark and the old decor reminds me of the 1985 movie Clue, although I guarantee you no one like Colonel Mustard is dining here. Birthdays are taken very seriously at Supper with a song belted by the staff provided with candles, dessert and a boisterous scene. Supper is the Italian restaurant that will always satisfy your red sauce and carb cravings. Like Lil’ Frankie’s, you must order the burrata special which is flown in from Italy daily. The lasagna is cooked al dente, cheesey, warm and filled with layers of veggies, mozzarella, veal, meat and pork meat sauce.  Supper is cash only and a neighborhood star!