Is This the Best Burger in New York?

GQ Magazine named Superiority Burger the best burger of the year last October. I’m not sure which detail is the craziest, so you tell me. Is it that this burger is actually vegetarian or that the chef left his pastry career at Mario Batali’s Del Posto to open this small, 300-square -feet spot? Now that it’s finally open for lunch, I was able to make my way over to check out the hype. The white-tiled walls, seats with foldable tray tables (like school), and framed menu on the wall with big bold black letters offers a laid-back vibe with not much to look at but the staff hoping they’ll call your name next. The $6 namesake burger melts griddled muenster cheese atop iceberg lettuce, roasted tomato, dill pickles, and some kind of mustard. You can also order it vegan-style. Brown paper houses the burger with the white bun poking right out. I love the squishy bun and the bread really couldn’t be better. The thing I like most about this dish is that it truly makes me think. My brain went bonkers as my wheels were spinning trying to figure out what the hell was in this thing. I believe there’s some quinoa, chickpeas…actually I literally have no idea, but it’s all vegetables and nothing fake. All I know is that it’s not what I expected it to be. It’s softer, smaller, dense enough to stay together, and it basically smashes in with each bite. The burger is definitely good, but it’s not a replacement for a carnivore who is interested in a burger at the moment. That’s what Westville’s vegetarian fried burger is for. This is more for those looking for a great vegetarian sandwich and something with a unique texture that you’ve never ever had. It’s also obviously for those that don’t eat meat!

While Chef Brooks Headley threw us all for a curve ball with this clever project, I’m going to throw you a curve ball. Everyone jabbers about this burger, but you know what, the Burnt Broccoli Salad with Eggplant, Red Chile, Coriander, and Cashews is the winner winner chicken dinner here. This is one of the best broccoli dishes I’ve ever had as the broccoli lays atop a smooth almost pureé of eggplant. It’s flavorful as hell and way better than that stir-fried Chinese broccoli take-out you had on Sunday night. People need to travel to Superiority Burger for this beautiful dish that comes in a paper plate like your fries would at a ball game. Chef always has one special side and sandwich each day as well. For reference, there was a fava bean side with salt and vinegar crunch and scallions the day I went, and a griddled yuba sandwich with dijon mayo and pickles.

Don’t miss this pastry chef’s Daily Gelato and Sorbet offerings. That Cream Cheese gelato was the perfect ending to a thought provoking meal. When was the last time a chef made you really think about the flavors buzzing your tongue? If you’re the type of person that only likes to eat out and try things you can’t make at home, Superiority Burger will certainly throw you for a loop. CLOSED TUESDAY.