When I found out one of the founding partners of Odd Duck, one of my top 5 favorite restaurants in Austin, was venturing out to open a Mexican restaurant that I think resembles Mexico City food, I was ecstatic! Also, I love all the bars on East Sixth Street, but can never find a place I’m willing to pre-game for dinner at before a night out. Cue in Suerte! One thing you must know before you dine, is this is an authentic Mexican restaurant using homemade masa in every single dish. It is not a chips and queso, refried beans and rice, stomach-ache Tex-Mex establishment.

The design is actually one of my favorite parts of this restaurant. I love the double bar area for a quick Tlacoyo and mezcal sip. The dining room is airy with booming natural light, some Aztec looking cloth prints on the ceilings, paired with lighting that is covered in a rope material. I feel like I can see everyone in the restaurant and that we are all here for the same party! The dining room parallels the menu: super exciting, feels like there’s a lot happening, but in the end, it’s simple and satisfying.

Start with the Snapper Tostada made with coconut leche de tigre, chile mayo, avocado, pine nuts. If you are a coconut milk fan, you’ll love the high kick over the fresh fish. It’s light, refreshing, and you’ll cheers your dining mates with the first touch to your lips. Most of the dishes top a crunchy masa concoction, so be strategic on your order if you want a variety and not so much of the “chip.”¬† The Beet Toastada with smashed avocado, peanut walnut yum yum sauce, pickled onions is fun and not something you see everywhere in Austin. Heck, you even get a veggie in there! I’d actually skip the Chicken Tamal under the Vitamina T section, but definitely get the Suadero Tacos which are confit brisket, black magic oil, avocado salsa cruda. I’ll be honest: Avocado is not my favorite thing but when a chef makes it stand high and mighty in a dish, that’s when I know we are here for the long run! This avocado cruda makes the entire dish. It’s packed with this bright, invigorating flavor¬† that emits citrus and creaminess all in one. You don’t get this punch on street tacos around here because they are delicately making something out of the avocado and not just topping it with it as is. The texture is addicting, and I appreciate that you can see the beauty of each of the 4 tacos instead of them being rolled up. Honestly, I loved it so much that I forgot about the brisket. Don’t know if I should admit that? My point is, this is not just any brisket taco, and I love the nod to Austin culture here. If you have been to Mexico City, Contramar is how they serve tostadas as well.

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I also loved the Roasted Zanahorias which are carrots made with mole amarillo, carrot masa dumplings and puffed rice. This is something I’d say you can’t come here and not order. It’s creamy, hearty, different and I love the mole. It’s nice to take a break from the crispy dishes as well. Next time, I’ll be back for the Goat Shoulder Barbacoa!

Suerte is exactly what this neighborhood needed. It’s got style, speed, and an environment that’s not “too” anything. It fits right in with the growth of Austin, and I’ve sent people here for a date, casual Sunday night dinner, Friday night before hitting the bars, and even a smaller size bachelorette party. Also, where else are you able to find a Mexican restaurant with a great wine selection?