STK Meatpacking – Disecting the Club Restaurant

The idea of the club restaurant aka “club-strant” is very intriguing. A place where everyone dresses in their stilettos, gold watches, short dresses is no place that should be paired with a giant steak or Mac ‘n cheese or is it? A night out at STK in Meatpacking is a night out to P-A-R-T-Y in your seats and thankfully in your mouth. STK might have a “douchey” reputation at this point in time, but after my recent and random experience one summer night, I have to tell you my spirits were lifted to Blade flyers in the sky while dancing crazily still seated in my booth. 

As you enter the club-strant, the music takes a hold of your spirits blasting all the current hits. Should you have to wait, there is a bar in the center of the restaurant also useful for those who don’t really want to commit to a full dinner but maybe just want to get their cocktail on. The squishy seat cushions, give you a great bounce when Rihanna’s “Work” hits and you need to show off some moves. Start out with the Shellfish Platter. Shrimp cocktail, jumbo lump crab, oysters…it’s truly the best way to kick off a memorable meal and feel extra special. Yes, everything was raw lacking much cooking preparation, but everything was super fresh, delicious, and fulfilling. We also loved the, you guessed it, Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese. Beware though because this square hot pot is addicting as hell, and no matter how much you eat, it somehow never disappears and keeps looking back at you. Also go for the broccolini  and mushrooms. I give the sides and the desserts a lot of credit here. 


While this is a steak house, I think the appetizers, sides, and desserts really stand out the most. The Halibut was tasty, but not the most memorable dish I’ve had especially for the steep price of $42. I also need to mention that our waitress was a rockstar and really accentuated our experience with her upbeat attitude and great sense of humor based on the clientele surrounding us.

Now I forgot to mention cocktails. The Cucumber Martini is the best martini you could ever order. Refreshing, boozy, and goes with any of the food. When you get to the sweet stuff, go for the cookie skillet with ice cream and caramel and chocolate sauces. While ours was little on the cold side, we still managed to clean it up without a crumb left. Our mother’s would be proud.

All in all, STK is the kind of place you want to go on occasion when you feel in a flashy, clubby or party mood but still want to order quality and craveable food. My only advice is, make sure you bring your favorite dance partner. ***I do have to say that the Miami STK does not even compare, and the food was unacceptable there, BUT my findings in the city were quite different.