Spring Street Natural

Spring Street Natural is one of the biggest restaurants I have ever seen downtown. The space is stupidly massive. It’s one of those spots you always pass while shopping in SoHo, so you better betcha bottom dollar it’s full of tourists and exhausted shoppers, but don’t worry that won’t effect you. The name aligns with the menu serving whole natural foods that are minimally processed, housemade breads, whole wheat flour pie crusts, vegan macrobiotic plates, salads, seafood, etc. Sometimes brunch can be a pain if you don’t have a reservation- especially if you have a hangover, starving and can’t move or wait another minute until food is in your reach. We strolled right in without a wait because this place is like an amusement park and had a nice little window booth. The brunch menu and lunch menu are both available and options are almost out the door. There’s the classic Smoked Salmon Goat Cheese Omelet but with broccoli so that’s a new one, Breakfast Burrito, Crab Meat Eggs Benedict and a Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Fries.

Before your food arrives, you get this amazing bread basket containing tomato bread. It’s an orangish hue which led me to believe it was sweet potato bread. It’s awesome. You will want to fill up on this, so don’t let anyone judge you. It parallels their healthy mission because why not make a fruit bread? We destroyed the Challah French Toast. When Challah or Brioche French Toast is done right and overflowing with syrup it’s always a hit. It’s simple, fluffy like it should be and only $12. I never order Granola and Yogurt because I can make that myself, but ya know what? Sometimes that’s what you want to eat, so I obeyed my craving. I praise Spring Street Natural for their Housemade Sun-Dried Cherry-Apricot Granola is served with an unheard of amount of fresh berries and vanilla yogurt. Definitely appreciate this berry portion size.

They also have Pork Bell Kimchi Sliders, Taco Salad, Root Vegetable Cassoulet, Chicken Burgers and a Seitan Soulvaki.You can stay here for a while or be in and out as you please if you need to make it back to the stores or do something rather productive. Pretty affordable, casual, lots of options, nice downtown location – it’s all here when you need it.