Socarrat Paella Bar

Socarrat is a friendly tapas bar offering an authentic Spanish vibe that immediately brings you back to your college study-abroad days in Spain. The staff chats up a storm (if you let them), and the music convinces you that you are indeed over there in Europe. One of the mirrors hanging on the wall is even shaped like a bull. The communal tables take over a majority of the center space, and the white cabinets are a nice contrast to the dim lighting and brick bar area. If you have a big group, be sure to make a reservation, and if it’s just two of you, I recommend sitting at the bar. Socarrat knows how to serve their paellas, and they won’t even let you dig in until it has sat in front of you baking for two whole minutes! This way the rice at the bottom of the pan has time to caramelize to an efficient crunch. Such a tease, but it’s worth it! The Bunuelos (fried doughnuts) are little balls of joy, and the chocolate that pours out upon each bite is unbelievable and addicting. While I do believe that Rayuela’s paella is much better because it’s smoother and creamier, I loved the relaxing Spanish environment. Definitely a great place to drop by when you need that Sangria fix!