Siggy’s Good Food

Siggy’s Good Food is an easy stop-n-go or pick-up spot. It’s fit for all of a kind- the heath conscious, the burger only eater, the salad chomper and the vegan/gluten-free diner. They have heavier options for those who want to indulge like the Macaroni & Cheese made with whole grain spelt elbow pasta, cream and cheese sauce, a Beef Ragu Pasta Bowl or a Sage Chicken Cutlet Hero. For those looking to stick to the lighter side, there are salads, grilled artichoke plate, yellow fin tuna salad sandwich, turkey, salmon and veggie burgers.

IMG_6208The Quinoa Spinach Cakes (1st pic) baked and topped with fresh tomato, pepper and cilantro salsa are gluten free and vegan but not up to par. Not my kind of treat but if you are obsessed with quinoa you might think otherwise. When in season, I’d try the Black Been Sweet Potato Cakes instead. There is so much to choose from here and if you are in the mood for anything you sure can get it. If you want some veggies here and there you can even get a side of herb chicken strips to throw in that protein craving. They are bit size and taste like chicken tenders but without the breading.  I loved the Eggplant Veggie & Tofu Lasagna. It’s noodle less with roasted eggplant layers, vegetables, tofu ricotta and topped with soy cheese and homemade garlic tomato sauce. The tomato sauce is awesome and full of flavor. While it may not taste as good as the Eggplant Parmesan at Parm, it’s still a tad healthier alternative.

I also love the Breakfast Burrito which comes with scrambled eggs, beans, cheese, pico de gallo and avocado in a wrap. It’s huge and really sets your morning straight. I get this when I’m missing breakfast tacos from Torchy Tacos at home. Although not quite the same thing, the idea of the ingredients makes it all come together and satisfying. Siggy’s also has a juice bar which should not be overlooked. They are about $7.50 each and the  Coco Peanut Brain is a peanut butter and chocolate lovers dream come true. It’s dense, peanut buttery and not too sweet. It’s amazing when you want something sweet and no added sugar although don’t fooled while this glass doesn’t have added sugar it’s still not calorie free. My favorite thing here is the Raspberry Hazelnut Bar. It looks like a mini pie bar with jam. The raspberry filling is incredible and the bar is crumbly and doughy. Cheers to that.