Seamore’s is a heaven for seafood lovers who are looking to feast on a variety yet not complicated grilled fish options on the reg. With your choice of sauce, daily veggie or daily grain all in one bowl, the amount of ever changing daily fish options allows you to always order a different combination. If you don’t want that bowl which is called The Reel Deal for $21, the shared plates such as Crispy Squid, Ceviche, Curry Mussels, Shishito Peppers and other sandwiches provides that outlet for you. Seamore’s is created by The Meatball Shop co-founder, Michael Chernow, so this stye of dining with your design your own plate feels familiar. Sauces include: Harissa Cashew, Red Curry, Miso Brown Butter, Salsa Verde, Coconut Cumin and the sides change daily. The bowl might automatically feel like the way to go because you can chow down on all of your major food groups and try some fish from the Montauk waters you might not have ever had before think: Dogfish, Acadian Redfish, Bluefish, Tilefish, Porgy, etc. The Daily Landings are shown up on the cute black wooden board and outlined in white.

IMG_5863The Reel Deal
However, you might think you are coming here to make your own healthy grilled fish plate, but the Seared Seasonal Fish Tacos with Black Bean Sauce, Lettuce, Pico, Avocado and Crema are off the chain. The corn tortilla flavor mixed with the juicy and lightly grilled fish is ideal and it’s probably the biggest piece of fish on a taco I’ve ever seen. Not to mention it’s only $15 for two of these and you can call it a night. But let’s be real, who would only order one thing here. The Guacamole is an easy shoe-in and all of the salads are pretty cravable from Kale + Avocado with Squash, Quinoa and Walnuts to Arugula with Dates, Hazelnuts, Snap Peas and Tahini Dressing. Ya know what? You can even go ahead and top any of these with a fish from the board. The cool thing at Seamore’s is that you can really make the meal you want here with so many options. The Beet Mushroom Kale Burger must be good here too, right? If you really want to do it up, go for the Crispy Skate, Pickled Peppers, Special Sauce sandwich and add some Sweet Potato Fries to your game.

For dessert, the Oddfellows Soft Serve made with almond milk and kaffir lime which really gives it a kick in the mouth. It is quite different, but it’s smooth and cool and perfect for summertime. Seamore’s is super easy and fun to get down with. The tables can act as communal tables at times and the windows that take up have the restaurant make you feel like you are indeed out by the water enjoying that fresh catch of the day. I can’t wait to come here during winter and trick myself into thinking it’s summer out there. No ressies, but they’ll take your number down and text you when you’re next on deck.

Tuna Poke