Schmackary’s Cookies

Cookies. It’s no secret that chocolate chip cookies or any kind for that matter are my kryptonite, the most thoughtful gift anyone could surprise me with and my favorite thing to end the day with. Now in New York you can get a cookie anywhere when you need it. I mean how many packaged “homemade” looking cooking can you find in one deli or behind their counters? While they may always be available, it’s hard to find the best one. I have a few go-to favorites and they aren’t always at bakeries but restaurants as well. However, Schmackary’s located in the Theater District has the most creative and delicious options available at one store front than I think any place I know of in the city. They aren’t as disk like and thick like one you might see at a deli or Levain. They remind me more of the Nestle Tollhouse family. Their chocolate chip cookies pass my test. They are legit, cravable, soft, melted chips and a little crunchy on the outskirts. I’m down. I’m so down that I ate 3 at once.

Image 1

However, the chocolate chip is not the only shining star. My favorite was the Monster which included M&M’s, raisins, oats, chocolate chips, etc. Basically it’s like an everything but the kitchen sink cookie and it’s gluten-free if you care. A lot of the other cookies are topped with icing which isn’t always my first choice but remember it’s about the cookie itself. The cookies are fresh soft and chewy and the kind of cookie that puts a satisfied smile and relief on your face. I was also tickled by the Sweet Corn cookie. You’ve all had the Cornflake Cookie at Milk Bar, but this another level. It almost tastes like cake and is packed with dried cranberries. It’s fun to eat because you’re a little unsure and then you keep going back for more. Out of all the cookies with icing such as the Cookies & Cream, Flufflernutter, Red Velvet and Funfetti, I liked the Funfetti the most. I think they need to sell one without the icing too because the cookie is so good alone.

Image 5Photo Credit Ana Malskaya
Schmackary’s you are perfect. You are what the cookie monsters want and need to be accessible all the time and you need to open a branch downtown. If you are in Hell’s Kitchen or seeing a Broadway Show (it’s next door to Kinky Boots) make sure to save your sweet tooth for after the show and pop on in for a late night cookie.

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