Schiller’s Liquor Bar

Schiller’s is Keith McNally’s “poor man’s choice” but in a good way. It’s trendy, packed at night around the bar and perfect for those wanting to enjoy a KM touch without spending too much or having to call a month ahead to secure a reservation like Balthazar or Pastis. This Lower East Side location makes it ideal for dinner before a night out on the downtown scene. Menu items suit all in a way that there is comfort bar food and sharable appetizers such as Crab and Artichoke Dip and Mac ‘n Cheese and then easy, affordable entrees like Grilled Chicken Paillard or piece of Salmon. The decor is composed of the signature bottles lining the walls, white tiles, booths easy for big groups and electric lights. The music is loud, bumpin’ and amazing playing new and fresh tunes like Vampire Weekend’s “Diane Young.” It totally fits the Lower East Side and I’m down with it.IMG_6422

IMG_6423The wine bottles are categorized on the menu as ┬ácheap, decent and good. Finally someone tells it like it is! Start with the artichoke dip. It’s not life changing but it’s easy to share and who won’t dig into that? The sizzling Garlic Shrimp is also tasty and about 11 pieces so everyone can try one or have a few. Cauliflower done right can always make an incredible entree. At Schiller’s it’s actually vegan and topped with raisins and red peppers. This is a great dish to order when you want something light yet also satisfying. Overall, Schiller’s to me is not necessarily a dining destination, but a fun night spot to kick back relax, feel social and young while enjoying cocktails and rocking out to great music. It’s a go to spot when you have a big group (plus they are so patient when you call all week adding one more person to that reservation) and a place to be safe when don’t want a headache or buzz kill due to the bill situation.