Saxon + Parole

So it’s been about two years since my original post here about Saxon + Parole. I’ve been back twice this fall which is pretty rare for my dining habits. I’ve always believed that they have the best brussels sprouts in New York City, and it’s going to be pretty hard for me to go back on my word. For those who think Alta is the best, back up because S+P will show you. However, after my last two visits, I’ve decided that this restaurant is so overlooked as everything I’ve had is impeccable, surpassing my expectations for each dish, so I am reviewing it again. Everyone knows that Saxon + Parole has a genius cocktail program, and they have a personal Cocktail Cabinet Program where you can store your bottles there with your name on it. This way, when you visit, you can drink from your bottle. Talk about keeping customers coming back.  My favorite cocktail is the Celery Fizz ironically because I thought gin was my least favorite liquor. It has Gin, Chartreuse, St. Germain, Celery and Lime. It’s light and refreshing.  Start with the oysters. Try both East and West. They are plump and tasty, and I’ve enjoyed them both in the summer and fall. They are addicting here and go really well with some of the foie gras and cheese plates for a first round.IMG_5313 IMG_5316 IMG_5879
You could make a whole meal out of the appetizers and sides. The obvious choice, Brussels Sprouts are coated in a chili caramel sauce which creates a sweet yet spicy mixture. You’ll be poppin’ these back like it’s champagne on New Years. I don’t think I’ve loved another brussels sprout the way I love these. It’s truly a life changing dish and hard to compete with. The shishito peppers are also dynamite. Light, not oily and pretty large peppers with a crunch. I tried the Roasted Branzino for the first time which seems like it’s everywhere these days. It’s alway a whole fish on the menu and usually lightly seasoned with just salt, pepper and lemon, so it should taste the same everywhere in most cases. However, I don’t know what they did here, but it was one of the most flavorful pieces of branzino I’ve had in a long time. It’s stuffed with herbs and fennel and continued to impress after each bite. The Scallop entree with cauliflower and gnudi in a butter sauce was the runner up in the seafood department. The scallops are fantastic and very meaty for a scallop. The pasta was kind of just a little jewel on the side but not the highlight. You can order these as an entree as well but I think you can get enough just in the scallop entree. They have a large private dining room downstairs that is intimate making it perfect for a rehearsal dinner or celebration.

Saxon + Parole is probably on my top five favorite restaurants of New York City list. I’m always excited to get a drink here and looking forward to eating here. It’s not too trendy and just “cool” enough. The service and quality of the food is memorable, delicious and my kind of gem. They aren’t doing anything too crazy but serving an amazing, jazzed up home cooked meal which is what we are all looking for.  Right on.