The Salty Donut x Mdoughw Make a Baby

Desserts spelled backwards is “stressed” because lets face it–it’s impossible to decide which sweet treat to choose at a restaurant, flavor ice cream to pick at the shop, and then cake or pie? I mean seriously! Therefore, Miami’s artisanal donut shop, The Salty Donut, decided to destroy all of our fears and create a mash up with Mdoughw (the original cookie dough cup stuffed with other sweets), and combine the ultimate Donut, Brownie, and Cookie all into one! It sounds intense, it looks intense, and it tastes divine.

Starting this Friday, Sept. 9 – Sunday, Sept. 11, they will offer a  Triple Stuffed Donut composed of Chocolate Chunk Brownie Mdoughw (which means chocolate chip cookie cup stuffed with brownie) which is inserted and baked inside of a 24 hour brioche chocolate chip donut. This is then topped off with a homemade milk glaze and mini chocolate chips.

This is a limited partnership between the two dessert magicians and will be on sale at The Salty Donut Wynwood location (50 NW 24th Street #103). My #1 tip, however, is to make sure that you heat this baby enough just enough to let the Mdoughw cookie cup ooze and melt outside of the donut. Warm brownie with melted donut glaze anyone?

If you don’t live in Miami, life isn’t over. You can still get a taste of Mdoughw delivered to your door as they ship nationally here! Choose your icing, sprinkles, oreo, nutella topping, and more. I enjoyed this donut definitely enough for everyone as I may or may not have snuck a bite in at 4 a.m. when I woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep because I kept dreaming of this miraculous beast.