Saki Sushi

My absolute favorite, casual, affordable, and sashimi in the city was from Kotobuki in the East Village and sadly closed with no warning last year. They even had the best ginger. Although, the prices were unbeatable and I’ve still yet to find sushi that is just as tasty for this price, at least we were graced with a nice replacement, Saki Sushi. The owners are actually from everyone’s favorite Tribeca and Uptown spot, Sushi of Gari. Their omakase 13 piece tasting menu is pretty attractive if you haven’t tried it yet. Anyway, Saki has a numerous amount of options from traditional rolls to sashimi and sushi combo dishes. By far, their Fatty Tuna with Scallion is the best Maki roll on the menu. When you find good tuna, you find good tuna and there is just no turning back. The six piece toro and jalapeño roll gets the job done and there you have it.

IMG_7395Tuna Avocado & Fatty Tuna with Scallion
For those who miss the $22 Sashimi combo from Kotobuki, suck it up and go for the Sashimi Dinner which is 14 pieces of raw fish for $28 (or 16 pieces for $35). Packed with salmon, shrimp, yellowtail, tuna, Hamachi, and more you still have yourself a good deal. The Sushi Dinner which is 8 pieces of sushi and one cut up roll is $24. Another upside to Saki, is the place isn’t as loud or busy as Kotobuki. You can walk in on Friday night after work, get a seat, and even hear the person you are breaking rice with. Imagine that!

I’m always looking for that easy takeout or casual sushi establishment that won’t break the bank or deliver me with chewy tuna. Saki definitely fits the bill. Hit me up with some others and share the love if you can.