Rosette’s sleek, slick and sensual red booths create for an impeccable date spot. The dark lighting, fantastic chandeliers and cozy couches in the front lounge/waiting room really set a mood but still plays it cool. The main dining room reminds me exactly of The Fat Radish in the Lower East Side with the white brick walls. It’s pretty low in the “lower” east side neighborhood and you might not know where you are at first.There’s also ivy growing on the back wall and if you peep over the balcony you’ll see a private dining room that would be a perfect small rehearsal dinner or special occasion. The minimum for this as low as $600. Hmm, I’d say book it. Rosette’s menu might not blow your mind on paper, but it’s everything you could dream about and more once each dish hits your lips.

rosette restaurant in NYCAsparagus
The brussels sprouts are a game changer. Add them to your list of best brussels you must try in the city. They are the crackling kind and made with cashew, fuji apple, tamari and quinoa. It reminds me a tad of Saxon + Parole’s in the way that it has a sweet yet also spicy flavor. If you are feeling indulgent, you can try the Apple Bacon Brioche with lemon glaze to start. Entrees live it up just as much. You’ll score on the Roast Half Chicken with Sweet Pea Compote, Red Island Field Peas, Fennel and Daikon. Just the right amount of skin is left on the bird as well as enough juice. I love that the compote is on the side so that you can choose your own amount of sauce with each bite. Totally into this pea sauce which isn’t creamy or overpowering.

IMG_8481Brussels SproutsIMG_8478Roasted Chicken
Next up is the adorably cut Wagyu Top Sirloin with Potato Pavee, Creamed Kale and Black Garlic. The four perfectly cut pieces of meat cooked medium rare offer a crispy yet delicate outside texture. Each bite is powerful and simple all at the same time. The creamed kale was a little too salty and the potato wasn’t any bag of tricks, but the beef is so tender, juicy and flavorful that you must oder this dish. Portions aren’t outlandishly small or crazy town big- they are just the right size to keep you satisfied and not starving when you exit. You’ll also want to focus on the cocktails. The Little Gem is everything it stands for and more. Tequila, Strawberry Jam, Black Pepper and Lemon. The strawberry jam hides the tequila and the black pepper and lemon hide any strong sugar hints in the jam, so it’s basically a win-win and just a delicious kick in the mouth.

I loved Rosette and all of it’s fancy. Appetizers averaging around $13 and entrees in the low $20’s, I mean what else do you need to go cozy up in one of those red booths?