Rosemary’s is that corner West Village spot that was so hot you literally couldn’t do anything to get in when it first opened. It must have been that rooftop garden that swooped everyone in but really it’s just a great location and serving food everyone can agree with. On a Monday night we had an under 20 minute wait which was pleasantly surprising. What also makes Rosemary’s such a delight is their wine bar high tops at the back of the restaurant. You order wine and any apps you please at the counter to hold over your thirst or hunger. Now this is genius hospitality. The room feels coastal Italian and almost a little country like.

Brussels Sprouts
Our waiter was obviously having a bad day when he began complaining about working two shifts but the happy space pushed his negative vibes under the table. Start with the Eggplant Caponata with balsamic, olives and capers. This is your typical antipasti and it’s delicious. I don’t know how you’ll be able to ignore the Focaccia section especially because the slap it in the center of the menu. A little trick here is to order the plain focaccia with rosemary and Meldon sea salt plus from the Formaggi section add the Ricotta Fresca. Dip that olive oily bread covered in rosemary flakes in that cheese and you’ve got yourself a memorable appetizer. If you want an eclectic bunch, you can choose from an array of Salads, Pastas and Mains.


The Salmon garnishes and seasonings might be better than the actual filet of salmon, but I absolutely love how it’s dressed. It’s atop cauliflower rice ¬†and topped with celery and red onions adding intense crunch. The Smoked Lamb is ideal for summer as it tastes like a freshly smoked BBQ and is super tender. To be safe yet satisfied, go with the juicy Rosemary’s Chicken. The Brussels Sprouts sides marinated in balsamic really top off the meal, so add this green to your order. However, do not miss the Rosemary Potatoes which are salt roasted and crispy as can be. These are the most addicting things on the table and the best salty snacks around. Package them up and order them up for lunch and you’re golden.

If you are looking for big parties, you CAN make a reservation for 7-16 people for $50 each which clocks you in at a family-style meal with Antipasti, two Pastas, a choice of an entree and an assortment of desserts. Not too shabby.