Rosarito Fish Shack

OBSESSED. Where have I been? Have you been here? Rosarito Fish Shack is one of the best restaurants I’ve tried this summer. What a beautiful combo: Mexican and Seafood, and it couldn’t taste any better or have any more options to choose from driving you crazy as it all sounds amazing. Guess what? It tastes as good as it sounds, too. I’ve passed Rosarito Fish Shack several times in Williamsburg when walking down Bedford  to and fro the water front or Smorgasburg, and I finally stopped in for dinner making this the best dining surprise.IMG_6794 IMG_6796  The menu is full of incredible options that cause you to almost hyperventilate because there are so many and you know you’ll be satisfied with any of the offerings. Being from Texas, I’m a sucker for Quesadillas because ya know what? You can’t find them at any legit Mexican restaurant here except for Tortilla Flats. Anywhere that serves them is  usually a bar instead of a tasty restaurant like this. The vegetarian quesadillas smell of truffles and are packed with Huitlacoche Mushroom, Corn, Crema and Oaxaca Cheese going for only $8. I didn’t see or taste any corn, but this is awesome with 4 squares that are filling enough for a meal if you don’t want to share, but I mean that would be silly. The tortilla is toasted and crisped perfectly and cooked exactly how a quesadilla should be. The Toro Blue Fin Tuna ceviche is a cute circular little portion but if you are a tuna fan like me, dive in straight for the Tuna entree that is chile rubbed with quinoa pico de gallo and a tequila chipotle glaze. It’s not too spicy and the sweet glaze gives off an incredible Mexican flavor. The quinoa is crunchy and pairs extremely well underneath the fish similar to a rice but better. The Costilla de Res braised Beef Short Rib is another story. What the heck is this doing hiding here and for only $22? It’s absolutely stupendous, melts in your mouth, pulls apart easily and almost reminds me of a Jewish mother’s brisket during the high holidays. Yep, it’s outstanding and the sautéed kale which is fresh, sauceless, and invigorating is something you should definitely get an extra side of. I absolutely love Rosarito Fish Shack and plan to come back immediately. Skip the Seafood Chorizo side. It’s basically a giant sausage made out of seafood and a bit strange. Like I say, I don’t go many places twice, but this is one restaurant I can’t wait to run back across the bridge, too. It’s quite the pleaser and a great spot for a group dinner or just to grab some margs and snacks. Go for it.