Rogue & Canon

Rogue & Canon has a prime location  at the cusp of SoHo and the West Village. To some this may be one of the best neighborhood drinking holes after work and somewhere new and cool in the area, but the food is outrageous and should not be overlooked by any means. This is not pub food is now a destination for me for ridiculously good dishes. The prices are unbeatable as well. The Seared Scallops are probably the best deal on scallops you will ever receive. There are three voluptuous and perfectly seared scallops in this dish with light, thin yucca chips adding a great crunch. This “small plate” could be your entire meal, and it’s only $15. Most restaurants serve scallops for $25-$30 and this quality is right on par with all of them. The Asparagus Salad is extremely clean and fresh. It’s a nice starter and you can share this to add some veggies in your diet. I like it a lot better than the Raw Artichoke Salad which I think was just a little tasteless or maybe just too “raw” for me. Image 2 The highlight of the night and biggest culinary shock I’ve had in a while is the Rogue Burger which is layered with peanut butter and topped with crispy pork belly, onion marmalade and aged cheddar on a potato roll. This baby is mind blowing and cooked just the right amount so that it looks almost raw and tastes even better than a steak. I am a huge fan of peanut butter anything to begin with but was still very skeptical about this bizarre combination. The first bite was  thrilling because you pray that you’re going to be able to roll with it and then it immediately proves that this salty sweet concoction is fabulous. I absolutely loved this burger and took down the whole thing. Embarrassing or amazing? This is definitely one of the best burgers I’ve had alongside Minetta Tavern’s.  From now on, you’ll be asking for peanut butter with your burger  instead of ketchup.Image 3Photo Credit: Anna Malskaya
The best thing about Rogue & Canon is that it serves for all kinds of purposes. When you want to meet some friends out and half the group only wants drinks and the other half  wants food, everyone will be pleased here because it has that lively, social atmosphere and some really rockin’ food. You can get a last minute reservation pretty easily, and it is ideal for big groups. Really impressed with this place and job well done!

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