Robert’s Steakhouse

Robert’s Steakhouse. It is not your neighborhood steak and potatoes joint, it is not conveniently located next to your office or home and it is not the type of steakhouse where you will run into your best friend’s dad in town for business with clients. However, what Robert’s Steakhouse IS, is an extreme dining experience and memorable night out on the town that you should share with your “most fun” friends. Robert’s Steakhouse is located in (drumroll please) the Penthouse Executive Club of Score’s Strip Club- you knew that was coming right? You see that spaceship looking building out there all the way on 45th Street and 11th Avenue? Well walk right in, no one here bites to my knowledge except if you decide to feed the strippers your leftover steak out of fear or awkwardness.

roberts steakhouseHamachi Tartar
As you enter the “club,” the host greets you and escorts you to a table upstairs where you will eat food (and if you have an 8 p.m. dinner reservation you’ll find your party as one of the only ones on the floor for quite some time). The dining room is a “U” shape with a balcony that overlooks a stage that must be rowdier on the weekend than on a Tuesday night. The chairs are pretty big and king like. The appetizers are pretty standard for a steakhouse menu, but the Hamachi Tartar is as delectable as any famed sushi spot in Manhattan. There are about 10 fresh fish slices with a sweet soy sauce and ginger flavor and each topped with a jalapeño giving you the perfect kick at the end of each bite. I didn’t want this massive plate to end and was completely impressed. The Tuna Tartar is also a crowd pleaser and as high end as any other newcomer filled with a quail egg. It’s a bit creamy but definitely not overdone. It’s a steakhouse so you must throw in an order of the crab cakes, right? Yes, do it. It’s one large cake filled with fresh crab and more sautéed and less crispy/ fried than most which is indeed my preference. Skip Robert’s Lobster Salad. There is too much mayo-y sauce up in there although Lobster, Shrimp, Tomato, Avocado and Mango are a fantastic combination.

Image 5Tuna Tartar
Now on to the meat, and by meat I do mean steak not ladies. I must say when you first walk in even though I knew where I was headed, the strippers are a bit distracting and just standing around not that busy so it’s hard to contemplate eating, but once the food and martinis start flowing, it’s not of concern- this is a note to girls attending by the way. Although it’s become apparent to me that a lot of females do in fact love strip clubs, so I’m just warning those who might be twisting their faces reading this and imagining the situation. The Porterhouse for 2 is a dish I’ve been speculating throughout the city over the last two months. The best I’ve had is at Costata– no steak sauce or ketchup needed there. Here at Robert’s, the filet is better than the strip. While there isn’t a distinct rub that stands out, it’s a pretty great piece of steak and something I was happily chowing down on. The T Bone is also a great option. Order heavy on the appetizers and lighter on the sides. The Brussels Sprouts are inundated with sauce drowning away the natural taste of the vegetable, and the Potatoes Au Gratin are standard and cheesy.

Image 4Porterhouse for 2

Image 3T-Bone Steak
For dessert, if you want to go the dancing route, there’s that, but there is also the Chocolate Cake. It was my favorite option and not too dense but just the right amount of chocolatey. Robert’s Steakhouse is a site to visit for sure. Everything about it is fun, unique, entertaining and impossible not to have an experience to remember. So try a new place for dinner that you never thought you’d try or heard about.  You can get a reservation right away for awesome food which can be challenging at times in the city. You can also make new friends like Kimmie. Do feel free to throw a cloud of $1 bills over the the balcony- anything is allowed here.