It’s always hard to find a spot that is in between a restaurant and a bar. You know where you want to go to meet an old friend for a drink, but you are also kind of hungry and don’t want bar food/sliders. Or when you are meeting someone that your not sure is going to swing as a date or somehow possibly turn into one. Rintintin in Nolita is my answer for you. The mood and lighting are date-like but can still swing platonic, so that’s a win win right there if you want to meet a friend but still feel a little glam. You can sit at the bar or snag a not overly sexy booth. I knew nothing about the food before I got here nor do I know anyone who has eaten here. Not surprisingly because of its rad menu and location, this place is awesome. Start with octopus appetizer which is a great size and soft and tender as can be. The crunchy and salty potato wedges that sit by their side also provide a little extra treat. This octopus really blew me away. I mean octopus has been creeping up on every menu in New York the last five or so years, but now it seems like finally everyone is actually learning how to cook it correctly and getting rid of that stretchy overcooked mess. I’d definitely recommend venturing here even if it’s just for this octopi.

Moving along with the Mediterranean theme, the Chicken Kebabs with couscous is another safe order. It’s simple, healthy and a great option when you don’t want to overindulge too hard. The beet salad is nothing cray cray, and I’d go for the Cauliflower Soup instead because it’s fun, filling, and has turmeric in it which is the “it” spice right now. Just get on with your trendy superfood self now. I love the vibe at Rintintin. It’s a safe bar and restaurant to add to your repertoire.  If you live in the neighborhood, you should be going here at least once a week. Right around the corner from Mother’s Ruin, Spring Street Lounge, Vig Bar, and a couple other local bars, my blessing goes to adding this guy to your list of friends.