Sometimes, it’s not always about the food. You know those annoying boozy brunch birthdays you get invited to where it’s all about the drinks, you shell out $50 bucks for bland food and unlimited mimosas? Well, that’s what Revel in the Meatpacking District is all about. However, the setting is quite nice as you feel like you are in a garden instead of a dark club with strobe lights and music that makes your hangover from the night before bounce even harder in your head. Revel is a stellar option for big groups because you can get yourself a long table in the corner and have the area all to yourself and be as loud and obnoxious as you like as not to disturb the entire restaurant.

IMG_5454 IMG_5461The greenery and light ceiling really convinces you that you are outside or maybe even in Europe. The brunch deal is $35 for an entree and unlimited bellinis, sangria and mimosas for three hours. Now the entire restaurant isn’t exactly a party as you’d imagine. There are tables of 3-4 people just looking for a brunch meal in the city here.

The upside is there is something for everyone on the menu and it’s all one price so if you have a group of 20 at least you know what you are getting into beforehand instead of having to groan over the bill at the end. ¬†Guests can choose between Eggs any Style, Garden Omelet, Buttermilk Pancakes, a Burger that is overcooked and a Grilled Chicken Sandwich with mozzarella, tomato, arugula and basil mayonnaise which I highly recommend. It’s a standard grilled chicken sandwich that you could get at any bar or restaurant for lunch on ciabatta, but it still tastes good and is probably the best choice! I happily ate all of it and the fries are crunchy and salty. You’ll have a hard time not dunking them in ketchup and into your mouth until you realize they are all gone. Overall, Revel may seem like a headache move when your friend picks it for his or her birthday party, but it is easy for groups and getting everyone together. The bright outdoor-like setting will make you feel better once you step off those cobblestone streets.