Rebelle a sister restaurant of Pearl & Ash is a completely different experience and vibe but with of course the same great wine program by their very own Patrick Capiello. The charcoal and deep gray tones of the booths and floor make the space feel a little more serious and upscale than next door, but in reality it’s not. It’s pretty awesome how different the two places feel and while the chefs are different and shouldn’t be compared, the menu and food are equal quality. One thing to point out is the real estate inside here. The tables are spaced pretty far back from the bar and even from each other so you can actually enjoy your dinner without being bumped or overhearing others. Rebelle almost feels like a restaurant that would be in Chicago and I love how there are only three categories to the menu with prices for each that are $8, $15 and then $24. There is something to say about how gorgeous and simplistic the menu is laid out, and how it makes it so easy to order.

However, I will admit, nothing actually jumped out at me at first and there wasn’t anything in particular I was dying to try. That immediately changed after our gorgeous asparagus, yes I’m calling asparagus gorgeous, arrived and tickled us with the most crisp yet just right stalks paired with spring onions, fiddleheads and hazelnuts. This dish makes the ever so popular brussels sprouts guy look like a chump. I’ve never had asparagus blow me out of the water as much as this guy. Props.

I also absolutely loved the “Beet” Bourguignon which is a play off the traditional beef dish. I don’t know how meat could actually be any better than this one though. The tender beets and carrots mixed together is a little sweet and very comforting. It’s warm, full of earth and veggies and a real treat. The portions are not too small nor overly large. You might think they look small but you’ll feel good when you leave here and there isn’t anything to “bready” or heavy. The Chicken is another good entree to try. A layer of skin is left atop the rectangular shaped chicken breast. It’s juicy, crunchy on top and looks like art- just like every other dish on this menu.

I’d recommend Rebelle for those nights you just need somewhere to go that’s not too intense or serious yet something delicious that you can rely on and seal the deal. It’s a neighborhood joint that you should travel south too, yet one that won’t blow your socks off yet it won’t disappoint. You get just what you need at Rebelle.

IMG_4793“Beet” Bourguignon