Do you have those restaurants where you are constantly making OpenTable reservations and then canceling when it gets closer? Like if you have friends coming in town and you don’t know where to go or if you just need a last minute reservation you always book there and then change your mind last minute because something better comes along? Unfortunately, I have two of those places, and they are Pylos and dell’anima. I finally made an appearance at the Greek restaurant Pylos in the East Village this month, and boy, I’ve realized what mistakes I’ve made by canceling that res so many times!

First things first, Pylos transports you to Greece immediately from the décor to the moment the complimentary pita bread and eggplant spread hit your table. Like, whoa. That bread is damn good. You feel totally transported from New York especially because the wait staff is most likely from Greece, too. To be a successful Greek restaurant, you have to make the best octopus in the world or you really stand for nothing. Luckily, Pylos has this department under control. It’s about four large pieces with a balsamic reduction sauce and capers. Oh, the capers! Such a good call. It’s tender AF, and you’ll make it disappear within seconds. While it’s always hard to choose between the salads and it seems pretty cliché to always get the classic Greek salad with tomatoes, feta, and cucumber. We scored big by going with the Maroulosalata salad. This took me to the beaches of Greece, and I felt so light and summery eating it. It’s refreshing, and it’s a salad that actually stands for something as it has dill, scallions, feta, and olive oil and lemon dressing. Get it.


We also got the stuffed chicken with raisins, rosemary, thyme and cheese. It’s a huge portion and you can definitely split this with a few people if you want to order several dishes. While I really liked it, the Moussaka next to me looked even better. They also have a short rib for those looking for a meatier entrée. Pylos does something that not a lot of restaurants allow. They let you linger without making you feel guilty about turning over the table . Therefore, if you want to catch up with your pal and talk about every detail of your life that you’ve missed between each other for the last 6 months, they will happily let you squat at your table for an extra hour. Sometimes it’s just necessary. The communal table in the back would make an awesome dinner table in someone’s house. This is ideal for a group dinner or get together that isn’t planning on being to rowdy. Pylos is definitely one of the best Greek offerings in Manhattan and one I will not be canceling a reservation at anymore.