Provenance Meals- A Favorite Healthy Meal Delivery

I found one of the best home delivery meal services in New York, and it tastes as good if not better than your dinner at that fancy restaurant last night. Keep reading for my experience or skip to the bottom and get straight to your 20% off code and order immediately on

At first Seamless seemed like the greatest idea in all the land because when you want dumplings you get your dumplings, when you need chocolate chip pancakes at 4 a.m. you can do it in secrecy, and when you want Matzoh Ball Soup in the winter, it shows up. However, some problems are the choice of too many options, soggy french fries, and the quality of restaurant food going down since they don’t build out menu items specifically for delivery. I was recently introduced to Provenance Meals which is based out of Brooklyn and delivers in NYC and Hoboken. Let me tell you: I feel like I had a personal chef for a week! The menu changes each week, and you have to order in advance by Wednesday to receive your meals the following Monday or Wednesday. It might sound like a pain at first, but once you see the menu, you won’t be able to resist, and you can order a few things to stock up for lunch/dinner for the following week because let’s face it, we know you aren’t going grocery shopping.


Miso Salmon
I trust and love Provenance Meals’ philosophy which is using all local farm ingredients, whole foods, everything homemade from scratch, so nothing is processed, no added refined sugars, dairy free, and everything is gluten-free. Each week the menu offers: a Fish, Poultry, Meat, Vegan Dish, Vitality Bowl, Soup, and Paleo Muffin. Each menu item is detailed over the top and the portions of each protein are extremely large and pretty equivalent to a piece of fish you’d get at a steak house or nice restaurant. Not to mention the flavors are outrageously delicious, and I’m pretty sure the miso glazed salmon was the best miso prepared fish dish I’ve ever had. Y’all can call me crazy, but sorry Nobu. I craved this salmon for weeks and even tried to cook it myself (without my trained chef degree of course). It blows my mind how well this fish holds up after traveling and reheating.  I believe it’s because Provenance Meals uses the best ingredients and you truly get what you pay for. You even feel skinnier after eating this (not that you are supposed to) and couldn’t be more satisfied. I can tell you that I rather have this Miso Glazed Salmon with Brussels, Pepitas and Cranberry Salad any day that a small piece of salmon floating in butter. I also tried the Grilled Mackerel which I was not that excited about. However, again, Provenance Meals can clearly turn anything into magic. With just a few simple ingredients, they burst out the food’s true flavor in a wholesome way.


Grilled Mackerel
Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of the Turkey Meatloaf. The cranberry sauce was a little too sweet, and the loaf wasn’t that great solo. The cheesy cauliflower was great though and I probably could have eaten a whole bowl of that. The Carrot Ginger Soup felt like a cleanse but full of flavor and cumin. It made me full and want to learn how to make my own soups. This entire company is so inspiring, and I just can’t get over how they make healthy food so craveable and high-end.

The muffins are just the cherry on top. I had a Pear Matcha muffin (oh, so trendy), and it came with two extremely dense and moist muffins. I’ve seen one with a butternut squash and a mixed berry. I’d go ahead and throw these in your basket. Breakfast, a snack, or dessert, these guys have got you covered.

My takeaway and experience from Provenance Meals left me in awe, offering complete respect to what this brand is doing. Their customer service is incredible, they know their food, their recipes are super creative and probably offer things you’d never try. It’s educational and creates interest in what exactly you are putting in your body proving that you enjoy food even if it’s gluten-free with no sugar added (says the sugar addict right here). Because, they have such kind souls, they have agreed to offer all Chekmark Eats readers 20% off your first order using the code: CHEKMARK20. Just remember the new menus go up on their site Fridays at noon, and you must order by Wednesday to receive your meals for the following week on Monday. The Chef’s Meal Box is a pretty good deal offering 4 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts for clean eats. Amen.

IMG_0072Carrot Ginger Soup (with added cauliflower)