Prince Street Cafe

You need a brunch spot, with lots of food and it needs to be cheap? Bet you never thought to walk into Prince St. Cafe because the deceiving front makes the restaurant look tiny and just a simple coffee shop. Located just blocks away from the most crowded and busiest shopping street Broadway in SoHo, this little secret cafe has absolutely everything that you’d want to order for brunch. Good luck making a final decision. They offer several breakfast specials all around $10 that include Eggs, Bacon AND a side of pancakes. Or you could go for the “Healthy Breakfast” which is granola with low fat yogurt and fruit, egg white omelet AND a salad. This is indeed a lot of food, and it’s everything you could ask for in a breakfast. The fruit is a pretty big portion with strawberries, pineapple, grapes, craisins, etc. It’s a great little breakfast because you get your eggs, greens, fruit and cereal. The Banana Stuffed French Toast will catch your eye as well as the Baked Croissant with bananas and almond cream. There is an omelet with truffle butter and at least 7 other omelet options to choose from. The Blueberry Pancakes are pretty good as well. Could easily be Bisquick but because of where you are it just feels right. Nothing like Clinton Street Bakery’s hot cakes but just throw on some syrup and you’ll like it.

There isn’t much of a scene or atmosphere in the back room but it’s extremely bright with a ceiling window and rays of sunshine that break though. It can be pretty empty early on, so if you have a big party, this could be a great place to meet where you know there won’t be any haggling over the bill or a long line. There is a two seater booth at the front of the restaurant that looks onto Prince Street and is pretty prime real estate for people watching. It’s adorable and could make for a cute brunch date. Prince Street Cafe is an easy brunch go-to that will please anyone with its extensive menu options and average food. While it’s nothing magical and probably “the diner” of NoLita, the price is a real winner here.