Ping’s Seafood

Exploring Chinatown is something that’s always on my to do list because it never gets old and the food just keeps getting better. My friend Chef Hung Huynh took me to Ping’s Seafood where we sat down and he ordered a million things beforeĀ I could even attempt to understand the menu. The room is packed and extremely deep. Round tables are always a blessing especially if you have a big group and sharing. We started with this chewy and crispy Duck Tongue. The sauce to dip it in helps. I liked it at first and then my thoughts starting drifting yet I continued to still eat it. At this point, I’m still unclear if I liked it or hated it, so I’d say it’s worth a try and an experience. The Steamed Live Scallop with XO sauce was the largest scallop I’ve ever had and obviously probably one of the freshest. It came gorgeously placed in a giant sea shell and made it that much more enjoyable. The Pea Shoots with Superior Broth are one reason why I love the Asian cuisine. They don’t mess up their vegetables by frying or chopping them into some crazy creations. They bring out their natural and healthful flavors and the light broths are always incredible. Refreshing, light and downright necessary.


Next up was the Steamed Fish with Ginger and Scallions. This is true Chinatown preparation. Light as can be and barely tainted. Out of the entire whole fish, the cheeks dominated. A little fatty, smooth and the real hidden gem on this creature. The Crispy Chicken served with the skin on is for those looking for that Chinese American comfort food like General Tso’s. There are so many things to try at Ping’s. I tended to favor the seafood and veggies more than the meats, but that’s just from this one experience. I’d love to go back and try the other 80 percent of this menu because it is massive. Another perk is the BYOB option making this ideal for out of town visitors trying to save some greens and for big group get togethers. Don’t forget to bring your ca$h only.