My biggest regret is that I didn’t find Palma sooner. This quaint, life size doll house of a restaurant feels like an outdoor garden but you are under a glass roof. The greenery over the red brick walls and green table clothes adds to this nature feel. It’s a perfect place for a brunch celebration whether it be your birthday, an engagement or just simply when you desire outstanding and consistent food. I’ve never had a fluffier, larger or creamier frittata flat on a plate. The ones delivered in skillets are usually crispy around the edges and light in the middle. However, I think Palma’s is a game changer. I loved it so much I went two weekends in a row because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Choose the wild mushroom frittata over the spinach. The added texture and earthy vegetable taste mixes well with the egg and parmesan cheese that is sneakily  mixed and melted in. This is why it’s so fluffy and airy all at the same time.

You can start with a little pastry basket which you notice a few muffins in glass cases when you enter Palma. However, a better suggestion is to share that French Toast with mascarpone, fresh fruit, powdered sugar and syrup. The portions at Palma are huge so you should definitely share everything and you could even order just three entrees for a party of four people. This dessert bread is nothing fancy but it is truly everything. The crunchy crust and more doughy insides of the bread make for a melt in your mouth situation. It becomes a natural movement to keep reaching for bites of this until it’s disappeared. It’s really uping the french toast brunch game and I might need to update my list of the best.

Spinach Frittata
The most lovely detail about Palma besides the reliable food and adorable garden is the relaxing atmosphere the staff allows you to enjoy. No rushing, no scurrying, no bumping into your chair or overflowing mimosas in your face. The restaurant is quiet yet still “happening” at the same time. You can hear everything your friends are saying and you receive the special attention and service you deserve. The food is irreplaceable, unforgettable and you can always make a reservation at no hassle. Get on Opentable now and treat yourself to the brunch of your dreams.