Odd Fellows x Chekmark Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Sandwich

By now you should all know from my reviews or at least my Instagram account, that ice cream and cookies are a constant and coveted possession in my life. I am honored and super stoked to share that I along with my sweet pal, @CheatDayEats, have hand crafted a special Valentine’s Day themed ice cream sandwich with Odd Fellows in the East Village available for YOU for three days starting Friday, February, 12 – Sunday, Feb. 14.

Our gorgeous and obviously delicious sandwich is composed of two Chocolate Wafer Cookies wrapped delicately around a large scoop of Red Velvet Cream Cheese Ice Cream. The sides are coated in white chocolate and rolled in cookie crumbs. We call it “Eat Your Heart Out,” and you can pick this guy up for $7 a pop. I have to say regardless of my name being on it or not, my eyes lit up (almost blew up) upon first bite. You really have to have the right amount of hard to soft cookie for an ice cream sandwich to be successful. The chocolate wafer is soft enough yet still crunchy. The red velvet ice cream has just enough cake in it so that you can taste the flavor and actually think, “Oh wow, I really am eating red velvet cream cheese ice cream” without it being too overpowering.



Shout out to those cookie crumbs on the outside that officially seal the deal and finalize that smile from ear to ear. All I have to say is, go support Odd Fellows for the fact that they were nice enough to make my dream come true of slapping my name on an ice cream sandwich that the public can actually buy! They even donate $0.05 for each serving they sell to the Food Bank for New York City.

On another note, the ice cream shop also offers milkshakes, ice cream floats, and hot fudge sundaes. Eat Your Heart Out, and if you go, please share a post on Instagram so we can see. Get it while it’s cold!