Nourish Kitchen + Table

Nourish Kitchen + Table has answered every busy New Yorker’s prayers. Finally a healthy, fresh and clean takeaway food shop that mixes up and changes their menu daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes you just need to grab food fast and if it happens to be rice cakes from a deli or one of those yogurt parfaits, it can be a sad moment. Nourish was created by nutritionist and Bon Appetit contributor Marissa Lippert and is offering seasonal and local foods from sandwiches, salads, smoothies and baked goods which are all accessible and easy to take home with you.They work with a variety of local farms and purveyors and cook with produce from Union Square and Abingdon Square Greenmarket. She begins each week with a list of seasonal ingredients that she wants to center the menus around and works with the chef to build a craveable menu.Image Image 5They have a cute little picnic bench in the back if you want to stay a while. Everything in the store feels super clean and spotless. You can see the chefs cooking in the tiny kitchen in the back which looks like Martha Stewart and the fresh batches of food are immediately brought up to the counter to serve. All of the dishes are beaming  bright colors and luckily they have combo plates so you can try a little bit of this and that. You can get half a sandwich and a medium salad, vegetable or grain for $11 and 1 protein and choice of two salads, veggie, grain for $16 and so on.

Image 8 Photo Credit: Anna Malskaya

I think whatever you try here you’ll be happy as the flavors are so fresh and they really dress the vegetables well. My favorite was the salad with the pumpkin which was also joined by feta, pumpkin seeds, shallots and an ingenious touch of balsamic. I could eat this everyday and never get sick of it. Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are my jam. Both very sweet yet they aren’t high in sugar like my other addicting friend- the chocolate chip cookie. This salad inspired me to try Ruby’s which I also am equally obsessed with. The quiche is pretty tasty, and  to note, they are happy to heat it up. The El Pollo Loco sandwich is composed of tender pulled chicken with avocado, arugula and sriracha which pairs great with the pumpkin salad if you want to do the half sandwich half salad combo. They give you a legit sized portion of the salad, too. The breakfast toast with ricotta, honey and pears is also a nice pick-me-up and if you are craving something sweet for breakfast or lunch it will deliver. The best thing about Nourish is that there are so many options and the menu is constantly rotating /changing so you could go everyday and still get something different each time. You should also follow their Instagram because they  post nightly specials – which by the way is a great way to get customers to come running in immediately because you know it won’t be available for long. For example,  I was devastated the night I saw that  savory pumpkin bread pudding and I couldn’t go.

Nourish Kitchen + Table is an ideal place when you are looking for a cozy casual dinner that will nourish the soul with healthy ingredients and a great place to stop in for brunch where you won’t have to wait for two hours because you can just pick up your food and go to the park or snag a table in the back. It’s also right next to Equinox and makes for an easy post-workout recovery meal. They are passionate about what they are doing here, and you can feel it, taste it and see it in every dish. This is what eating local is all about. NK + T gets you.

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