Chekmark Eats x Blank Slate Cake Batter Dip on NBC New York Live

Remember that Cake Batter Dip I told you about that I created with Blank Slate Cafe to make everyone’s sweet craving dreams come true? You know, it’s a pudding like texture filled with real cake crumbs, massive amounts of sprinkles, and served with Nilla Wafter Cookies and Strawberries as a vehicle for dipping. Well, the word is out because NBC New York Live just covered it on local TV, and believe it or not, it is now live in ALL of the New York City Taxi Cabs!! Check it out at minute 1:06 and hear Joelle say Chekmark Eats at minute 1:20. I am so honored to be included in this round-up of Best Birthday Cake Desserts in New York below or here:  Thank you Kat Sheldon and Joelle Garguilo for seeking it out!