New Malaysia Restaurant

Have you ever had Sting Ray? I didn’t think so. New Malaysia down in Chinatown is serving up Malaysian style food which is a mix of Indian, Chinese and Malays. It tastes and looks pretty much like Chinese or Asian food, but you are in for a real treat and trip here. Start with the Roti Canai. It’s kind of like naan and seems weird to be dipping your bread savior in this liquid sauce with a few chicken pieces, but it’s awesome. The bread is soft and a mix of a tortilla texture with some fluff. I love the Satay Beef appetizer with the crushed up peanuts and sauce. The peanut flavoring is just vague enough so you don’t feel you are eating peanut butter like some Thai restaurants mistakenly prepare. It falls right off the wooden skewer with each bite and is tasty. You must start with these. The most impressive and absurd dish was the Sarang Burong in a Taro Net. I wasn’t even sure if part of it was edible, but yes, that happens to be the taro. The chicken, baby shrimp and greens housed inside are very light and healthy. It’s like a fancy stir fry served in a “hat” that happens to be an amazing crunchy, doughy, and almost creamy shell. Cut this thing open to find the gold and dig in. This dish is fun and influential. IMG_5286


Steer clear of the veggie sides.  They sound and look delicious, but they are laced with anchovies creating a stench and not pleasing taste for this particular recipe. Next up is the Sting Ray in Banana Leaf (pic below). I mean it is seafood, it’s fish, what is the big deal?  You would never know it’s sting ray by the white flakey interior either.  It’s drenched in sauce, but not oily and looks similar to the amazing miso fish I devoured at Cafe China. I liked it at the beginning, but half way in I just couldn’t do it anymore. Not sure if I overdosed in beef skewers or taro shells, but I think I’m good without Sting Ray for now. However, if you are up for a challenge or some fun material to help you impress your next date, go for the Ray. New Malaysia is a learning experience, and the staff couldn’t be friendlier. Take your tastebuds on a journey and mosey on in here for a casual lunch or carefree dinner. You’ll feel like you did a good deed trying new things and actually loving them. New Malaysia is a keeper.