Mulberry & Vine

It’s very rare to find a healthy lunch place that is not only quick and easy but a place that has so many options that you can’t wait to go back the next day to try more. Mulberry & Vine located south in TriBeCa not only has your taste buds covered but they are looking out for your healthy. Their mission is to always use organic and local and they have many veggie and gluten-free options. They use very little white starches and grains and instead are populated with things such as quinoa. Also available are housemade grain-free sugar-free banana bread and a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin and gluten-free rasberry almond muffin & coffee cake.

While not 100% grain-free or paleo like Hu Kitchen, they do have cold sides and hot sides to choose from and you order at the counter and can stay or go at a fast pace. You can pick 3 cold sides for $12; 2 cold & 1 hot for $13; and 2 hot & 1 cold for $15 (and let me tell you their prices are much better than Hu and much larger portions).

I visited on a Saturday afternoon and had a rather, unique combo if you will. I had to get the Banana Berry Oat Bake which was made with nuts, gluten-free oats, berries and bananas. The bananas make it soft so that it almost tastes like a berry crumble dessert- which I am A-OK with. This side was huge and could have been enough on its own, but I had to try the hot Tomatillo Chicken Posole Stew. It reminded me of an amazing Mexican dish in Texas with green sauce. The slow roasted chicken is so tender, and it has similar flavoring to a tortilla soup or at least if you are craving some it can satisfy you. You also have the option with all stews/braises to have it served over rice, veggie mash or red quinoa. Seasonal Veg Curry is also another tasty option in the Hot category. Others include: Korean Braised BBQ Beef with Pickled Onion, Turkey Black Bean Chili and Mushroom and Kale Stew. Soups change daily but there will always be something you can snack on such as: Michelle’s Skinny Veggie Soup, Local Chicken & Kale, Garlic Chicken Soup, African Tomato Curry with Peanuts, etc.

The wooden communal picnic tables and bright yellow chairs create a space for work or reading on your lunch break. They are open for dinner until 9 p.m. Monday – Thursday and close at 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. I suggest grabbing a couple hot or a couple cold dishes so you can get a taste of everything. It’s healthy, filling and the numerous options keep things colorful and lively. If one thing is for sure, Mulberry & Vine has got the kale train going on and they aren’t stopping here.