Best Epicurean Gifts for Mother’s Day

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? If you haven’t looked up from your Snapchat today, it’s next week! Don’t forget those new mothers out there, too, (your new mother friends will appreciate you remembering)! Since you most likely need to get on those last minute Mother’s Day gifts now, here are a few epicurean/hospitable themed ideas to treat and spoil your mama with:

  1. WINE AWESOMENESS: Why not give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the entire year instead of just one day? For $45 a month, you get 3 bottles of wine delivered straight to your mouth (you pick the color) + some sweet celeb chef recipes, DIY articles, and some exciting reading that puts wine simply.
  2. VERAMEAT: My favorite jewelry store in the East Village sells pretty trendy and rad gold plated and silver pieces. Is this mama sweet or salty? Go for the ice cream cone or the New York pretzel on a gold chain necklace.
  3. HIP CHOCOLATE BARS: Any mom you are shopping for will be blown away by LA based Compartes ridiculous chocolate bar offerings such as: Cereal Bowl White Chocolate & Cereal; Donuts & Coffee Milk; and even Animal Cookies – YES THE PINK AND WHITE SPRINKLES ONES!
  4. ELYX COPPER PINEAPPLE : If you’ve been to the Edition Hotel in Miami, there’s no way you’ve left the premise without getting that copper pineapple drink in your hands. If your mom loves a good summer vodka cocktail or margarita, treat her to this vessel that also serves as great indoor decor. Your mom won’t feel guilty about boozing when she finds out that every pineapple sold helps provide one month’s supply of safe water through the charity Water For People.
  5. CUSTOM PHOTO RICE KRISPIES TREATS: Have you ever dreamed of eating a rice krispies treat with your face on it? Neither have I, but your mom will cherish the custom made rice krispies treats with photos of the whole family printed on them. Treat House even offers 20% off your first online order.

pineapple 2

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