The Meatball Shop West Village

I think it’s safe to say that The Meatball Shop is unstoppable. What could be better than so many options of balls to sauce to preparation combinations? The Meatball Shop is equivalent to your favorite Sunday Chinese take-out spot. You always crave it, probably order the same thing, love it and look forward to having it the next week. With locations all over Manhattan popping up in just a few short years, it never gets old. All of their staff are cool looking and handsome in their own style and ways. You just want to talk to people when you are here. The West Village location on Greenwich Street has a small bar and several tables that never seem too hard to snag. With the same dim lighting, menus where you check off your choice of balls, sauce, sandwich, platter, salad, pastas or sides it’s comfortable, convenient, easy and most exciting: affordable.

While I love the Pork with Spicy Meat Sauce, I’m in a Chicken Pesto funk and probably not getting out of it anytime soon. I like it over the Everything But the Kitchen Sink Salad so that I can have a variety of ingredients and something new each time since they top it with the vegetables in season that day. Fall is the best when they have the turnips and carrots. I’m always happy to see the beets on my plate which make it heartier. The pesto mixed with the vegetables, arugula and apples feels good going down and tastes fresh. It’s nice to have a surprise salad and way better than any chopped salad around here. Thank goodness they have take out.

The beef meatballs are fine but not a stand out compared to other restaurants, so I’d go with the pork instead. Vegetarians rejoice, because the veggie balls made with lentils are here for you. Gluten free goers, you can eat the chicken balls. Meatball combinations can be ordered as sliders, heros, atop a bed of spaghetti and basically any meatball option you can think of. If you are feeling fun, go for a round of jello shots, because when else can you order these at dinner, right?

Never make the mistake of leaving The Meatball Shop without an ice cream cookie sandwich. You’re never too full. Go with the snickerdoodle cookie and brown sugar ice cream. You are welcome.