Everyone needs a go-to sushi place to drop into or pick up from. Marumi in the West Village on LaGuardia Place can be your spot. As I always say and probably most people, the sushi bar is always where it’s at. You get the best service, see which rolls you should be ordering and have easy access to asking for more ginger- if you’re a ginger addict like me. It’s an easy walk-in, but it’s still packed so you know it’s good. They have great sushi and sashimi dinner options. I got the Sashimi Nami which came with 2 pieces of tuna, 2 pieces super white tuna, 2 pieces white fish, 2 pieces salmon, 2 pieces octopus, 2 pieces mackerel and 1 piece shrimp. They also let me sub out the shrimp and add in pieces of the chefs choice which was cool and I appreciated. For only $19 I was full, satisfied and totally into it. The Salmon, Tuna and White Fish were my favorite and tastes the way they should. I actually liked the octopus which I usually prefer cooked so they are doing something right here. They also serve Sushi & Sashimi Combos for 1 that is $21 and for 2 $42. Not a bad date idea.


They offer roll combinations as you are used to seeing. The Scallop Roll is never my go to order but I really liked it here. It’s affordable, fresh fish and easy. That’s all you need when it comes to sushi and when you walk out with a bill under $30 you’ll smile down the street and remember why you live in New York City.