Madison Square Eats Spring 2012

Madison Square Eats officially opened last Friday, May 4 and lucky for us, it will last about a month long through June 1. Restaurants and vendors from across all of Manhattan and Brooklyn (so glad to have Red Hook travel across the water) have brought their tents and tasty goodies, sandwiches, tacos and ice cream to the Flatiron neighborhood available everyday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Top vendors that come with long lines include: Calexico, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Mighty Balls and Roberta’s Pizza. Other notable spots include: Momofuku Milk Bar cookies, Sigmund’s giant pretzels, Eataly and Mexicue.

Mile End Deli, the famous Brooklyn handcrafted Jewish delicatessen known for its meats such as salami, brisket, turkey is one of the most exciting vendors here. The smoked brisket and smoked turkey sandwiches are made-to-order by a butcher and served on rye with mustard and sour pickles. The beef brisket is tender with just the right amount of crunch on the edges, and the turkey is juicy and flavorful. The turkey sandwich also comes with rillettes and adds that missing kick to your regular ole’ weekday lunch. All sandwiches are $12. On the other hand, if you dont end up making it here before June, you can visit their new East Village sandwich shop at Bond and Bowery.

Madison Square Eats is fun for all, and the lines are sporadic and not long at any of the dessert places during lunch time. Make sure to stop by for a nice lunch during week or on the weekend and you’ll watch everyone sniff around to find the giant fried risotto balls!