Macondo is one of those places that if you live in the Lower East Side or downtown you probably pass the wooden outdoor sign weekly without really knowing what is inside the dark cave like entrance (or caring). Being on Houston with one of the busiest streets and tons of traffic, you can easily pass by without even peeking in. The restaurant has cocktail tables in the front if you want to pop in for a cocktail or some sangria and once you get deeper into the back, you almost feel as if you are in a jungle with all the greenery and brush. The menu is full of small plates for sharing such as ceviche, arepas, tacos, empanadas and flatbreads and it just seems easiest to order a few of each section for the table. I recommend Macondo when you are looking for  a spot for big groups and don’t want anything too fancy or too serious of a menu. If you want to catch up with some friends or show some out of towners a good time over some tasty drinks and plates, then this is the spot for you.IMG_5563Calamari

IMG_5562Bomba Rice Infused with Rubia Modelo Beer, Sauteed Chicken, Cilantro, Tomato, Chorizo, Mushrooms, Smoked Paprika, Roasted Cashews

For some reason, we all harrassed the calamari. I mean every place has calamari and essesntially it’s always just rubbery fried shi**, but Macondo’s spicy pepper-honey aioli sauce turned this dish into a whole new game. The next best dish was the Chicken Aerepa. It tasted similar to a sweet pancake and the chicken was placed delicately on top so you could dig into the aerpa seperately and dip it in the sauce. Whatever you do, do not get the Shrimp Ceviche. I almost had to spit it out. The raw shrimp is simply distasteful and the citrus pairing didn’t do any assistance.  The Arroz Con Pollo is nothing award winning but it’ll be a crowd pleaser – who doesn’t enjoy rice and chorizo? I loved the vegetarian flatbread with Balsamic, Spanish Ricotta, Summer Squash and Walnuts. Everyone can have a piece and its craveable. The sangria was a big hit- obviously.

Overall, Macondo is a great spot to start your night, host a big gathering where everyone can enjoy several dishes, and a good girl/guy group dinner spot.

IMG_5561White Corn Arepa with Avocado, Chicken, Queso Fresco and Cilantro