Left Bank

Left Bank is one of the most gracious and quaint restaurants in New York City. It’s lit by candles, breezy, romantic and perched on a quiet corner street in the West Village. The staff is bright and smiley (ask for Mami she’s great), and the dining room is calm on a weeknight making dinner rush-free and wait slim to none. The mood lighting is great for couples, a fourth date, or a girls “Sex in the City” dinner. The intriguing, eclectic menu changes regularly. The cuttlefish appetizer is outstanding and very unexpected compared with the rest of the options. It comes out steaming, mixed with black beans, tender fish and addicting flavors. The Paccheri & Cheese is basically a pot of gold: round tube noodles covered in cheese with roasted cauliflower layered in between. Cauliflower, breadcrumbs and cheese are a recipe for delight and on pretty much every menu these days. The Whole Roasted Brook Trout is tasty but swimming in butter- pun intended. Portions are large so pick a few plates and dig in. 

Dessert is just the next layer that tops off the night. While options like maple syrup pie and sticky toffee pudding sound overwhelmingly delicious, the true gem is the plain jane chocolate brownie a la mode. Wow, this brownie is dense like a cake and soft and chocolatey as can be. It shows up what any bakery puts out and you must devour it- it’s not an option. Left Bank is a perfect spot in the West Village and something I will continue to recommend to those looking for dining in this neighborhood. I love that it’s not overly buzzed and hyped and it spits out an amazing result. When the line at Red Farm and The Spotted Pig has gotten the best of you, just skip on over to Left Bank where you know the food and service are guaranteed to give you an equally exciting experience. IMG_3815