Le Pecora Bianca

Well this lovely Italian restaurant is the cutest little surprise for NoMad residents. It looks like it just popped out of nowhere in comparison with the other tenants and venues around it. The bright, white, woodwork almost makes you feel like you are in a life-size, dreamy dollhouse. The mint chairs are spot on. This is a great date spot, and it might remind you of its two sisters downtown Rosemary’s and Claudette. The Italian menu provides healthy antipasti options so that you can then feel good about digging into the pastas, or skipping them if you must.

Start with the Funghi which is a roasted whole golden Enoki with salsa verde, raisins and bread crumbs. This is a giant whole mushroom that is long and thin and used frequently in East Asia cuisine. It’s soft, almost slippery, and a huge sized portion. It’s extremely light and the raisins are awesome. Feel free to bow down to the traditional Beef and Pork Bolognese Tagliatelle . Nothing out of the ordinary here, just an unreal pasta prepared exactly the way you hoped for. The al dente noodles seal the deal. The sauce is a little less ragu like than some other bolognese, but it’s definitely an ideal amount of meat. We also loved the Seared Scallops with Summer Squash, Guanicale, Mint, and Shallots. If you love scallops, you’ll love these. The three plump guys are cooked perfectly placed delicately over basically a similar succotash flavor. The side of onions called Cipolle are salt baked with parmesan and balsamic. These four dishes make the perfect recipe for a dinner for two where you aren’t stuffed to the brim and by the time you walk home you’ll have just enough room in your stomach for the next day. You might need another dish here too if you are super hungry though.

Overall, the neighborhood couldn’t have received a better new friend, and La Pecora Bianca is a spot you definitely want to check out when looking for somewhere nearby. It’s reliable, scrumptious, and gets the job done. It’s pretty central as well, so if you need a place in between downtown and uptown, this will be your savior.