Kanoyama is that Japanese, sushi restaurant in the East Village on 2nd avenue with outdoor wooden sign that you consistently pass all the time if you spend a lot of time downtown. It’s not like several of those hidden sushi spots that you read about all the time, and it’s very open, friendly and lots of seating. The most fun part about Kanoyama’s menu is all the incredible sushi and sashimi options and pairings suitable for 1, 2 or 3 people. They have Sushi & Sashimi for $28 thats 6 sushi pieces, 4 kinds of sashimi and a roll; Sashimi Deluxe for $28 with 6 kinds of fish and 3 pieces each; Sushi for 2 at $50 which is 16 pieces of sushi and 3 rolls. Definitely stick with one of the sushi entrees as it’s a great price for fish this fresh and makes it easier for you to pick and order. Skip the 3 roll combo. There is really no point to this as you don’t get as much fish or flavor compared with the sushi and sashimi combos.IMG_6256

Sitting at the sushi bar at a restaurant like this is always a no-brainer. You can watch all the magic and if you’re like me you’ll be distracted by each creation and piece and become best friends with the chefs with all of your questions and intrigue. We started with the Shrimp Shumai from the kitchen which was a perfect mini dumpling size and delicious. The Sushi & Sashimi Special was enough for two of us after the shumai appetizer, house salad and soup and included: 6 pieces of sushi, 4 kinds of sashimi and a California roll for only $28 total. We were treated to pieces of Sea Bass, Stripe Bass Sashimi, Fluke, American Bonito, Tuna, Salmon and more.

IMG_6259 The bright lighting at the bar and in the restaurant allows you to see each piece of fish and how delicate and beautiful each plate is. Kanoyama is not uptight or too serious and very laid-back and cool for a nice sushi place. It won’t break the bank if you order right and you can get an enormous amount of sushi for sharing which always makes an experience more fun and enjoyable. This is an ideal spot for a date, hanging with friends or when you are craving sushi. Always a good time, calm cool and collected.

They only take reservations Sunday-Thursday.