It’s a Cuppie- Cookie Stuffed Cupcakes

When you cross a cupcake with a cookie you experience bliss or better known as It’s a Cuppie. New York based Melissa Zimmerman created this delectable offering mind blowing flavors such as: White Chocolate Brownie, Apples ‘n Honey, SnickerPumpkin, Nom Nom Nosh, Death by Cuppie, Snappy Carrot, etc. 

To explain this mind boggling process, she makes the cookies from scratch first, then the cupcake batter and then places the cookie batter inside the cupcake before baking. Lets me start off by saying, I think this is the best icing of any cupcake for sale that is available. You can tell it’s homemade with love and not too whipped or sugary. It belongs in its own category away from the buttercream craze. My favorite was the peanut butter flavor called The Devil Wears Peanut Butter because the icing wasn’t too rich or too nutty. It seemed as if it was a hidden hint of peanut butter and the cookie inside the cuppie also held the texture the best. It was more distinct and a little crunchier than the others. The Sprinklicious is also addicting and for those Funfetti or Momofuku birthday cake truffle lovers. The cookie inside blends in to the cupcake more. The icing is again on point and the sprinkles melt right in. I also loved the Immaculate Confection which should be high priority for mint lovers. A Devil’s food based cupcake with a mint chocolate cookie and peppermint icing with red sprinkles is adorable. 

While the cupcake phase might be over media wise, people are still eating cupcakes and they are symbolic for any birthday celebration. Astonishingly, Melissa is making these cuties from scratch for fun out of her own home. Delivery in NYC is $15 or you can pick them up in Brooklyn Heights yourself. You must order flavors at half a dozen minimum and they will arrive in 48 hours.

For all Chekmark Eats readers, It’s a Cuppie is offering FREE DELIVERY in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn and part of Queens) for a minimum of 12 cupcakes. Just mention Chekmark Eats when you place your order. In addition, for those outside of the city, It’s a Cuppie can ship to you and to make sure the cupcakes arrive in good condition, she will provide you with a side of icing to spread on the cupcake yourself.