Indie Fresh

We all know it’s tough to make it to the grocery store, and it’s even harder to make a decision on what to cook or what you even want for dinner or lunch on any given day. Therefore, chef-prepared meals on demand like Indie Fresh, David Chang’s Maple, Fit Fuel, Kitchensurfing and more are perfect for those who want healthy home cooked meals delivered to your door. I tried Indie Fresh line of gluten/sugar/dairy-free salads, soups, and paleo granola and it was a life changing and seamless experience. While they have a stall at Gotham Market in New York City allowing for real-time delivery in Manhattan, they also ship nationwide allowing the rest of you to benefit from these tasty meals.


The salads, designed by former La Esquina and Craft Chef Akhtar Nawab, are pretty addicting. It will be hard to ever walk into a Just Salad or Chopped shop again when I can easily order their Wild Tasmanian Smoked Salmon Salad which even after delivery literally tastes like one of the best pieces of salmon I’ve ever had. It puts Whole Foods to shame, and the portion size is just right without an overabundance of lettuce and just enough other hidden gems to make the salad complete. Now it makes sense that the company has the name   Fresh involved because it really tastes like it was made especially for you at that moment and not mass produced at all.  I also loved the Poached Chicken Brutus Salad because those oyster mushrooms are magical and the chicken is slow roasted overnight with Mexican oregano and guajillo chiles. While they are only nutrient dense, you’re bound to think it is laced with something special because it’s so delectable and unreal for any “to-go” style salad like these that come with dairy free dressings that taste unreal. Also note they come in a plastic salad box not the jar like it is advertised online.

Salmon Salad
They also offer paleo burgers such as Wild Bison and Wild Turkey and both a cold  juice program and smoothies. The soups are more like purees and rich in vitamins. Go for the Tomato with Hemp Heart & Lentils. It’s delivered in a plastic bottle and you can drink cold or pour in a bowl to warm up. For those who enjoy a good curry spice the broccoli is for you. I’m excited to try the Butternut squash and Chicken Soup this fall. 

I also loved the Paleo Granola which is made with several nuts and seeds and no added sugar. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen paleo granola before so if you know of any other brands out there, give me a shout. For breakfast or an afternoon snack go for the Acai Protein Jar I love the keepsake mason jar it is served in. It could use a few more bananas but other than that, it’s great and probably much healthier and tastier than those at the juice bars you kids are buying that are full of sugar and peanut butter. Oh, and lucky you it has the paleo granola.

Acai Jar
People in New York are truly getting spoiled with all kinds of chef delivery meals and while some of you will never get off your Seamless app, this is one to lose your V-Card to. Indie Fresh is reliable, they ship to your home with an ice pack so even if you don’t get home in time it’s safe to eat, and it’s satisfying as any other dinner or lunch you’ll grab out there in the wild except you know this one is a step up and healthier without sacrificing any taste. To start y’all off on the right track, Indie Fresh is giving all Chekmark Eats readers 50% off their orders (for everyone nationwide) when you use the code CHEKMARKEATS at checkout. Enjoy!