Hotel Chantelle

Hotel Chantelle sticks out in my mind in several ways. It’s one of the only rooftop eateries in the Lower East Side that immediately comes to mind, it’s where an 18 year old hit on me when I was 25 and I promised myself I’d never return, and lastly, it’s across from one of my favorite street art signs that says I Heart New York with a man holding a balloon. Brunch time is apparently banging for them, especially when the weather is nice in the summertime. Even when it’s hot, they are pretty prepared with cloth overhangs to protect you from the song and giant punch bowls of liquor and ice. Hotel Chantelle is an ideal spot for outdoor concert pre-gaming and day drinking. I pleasantly surprised by the food and yes, you will enjoy it sober, too. With several exciting options to choose from like Breakfast Pizza, S’mores French Toast, Truffle Grilled Cheese, Lobster Roll, you can’t mess up too badly.  IMG_6279
Egg White Quiche
Start with something sweet. The Banana Foster Waffle with banana cinnamon rum syrup is fluffy and gets that blood sugar level up and ready for you to wash down a cocktail. I loved the Skinny Berry drink with vodka, balsamic reduction, strawberry. It’s light, refreshing and you’re able to drink several because it’s not too sweet or sugary. All of the drinks by the way are super photogenic and lovely. You’re lucky if yours comes with a flower. 

IMG_6267 (1)

You can’t go wrong with the Breakfast Pizza. Served on thin crunchy, flatbread the generous proportion of eggs seal the deal. It’s completely satisfying and a the hot sauce sparingly across the bread provides that little kick that you need. You can also share this with the table for an app, but if I were you, I’d order it so you can have it all to yourself. I also loved the Egg White Quiche. I’ve never really seen an egg white quiche option, so I had to try it. Some protein, cheese, and some carbs? That’s pretty much what a Sunday brunch consists of. The flaky crust pairs well with the wet yet firm eggs to create a winner. The staff is pretty sweet and attentive, and it’s definitely a spot I’d recommend to bring out of towners because you know they want to drink and you know they love those rooftop views.