Great NY Noodletown

Great NY Noodletown is a hole in the wall but extremely well-known and popular eatery in Chinatown as the likes of David Chang and Michael White all report dining here after hours. The spot is known for their roasted duck, and this is very apparent as you can see the ducks being carried through the busy restaurant by their necks and butchered at the front. The craziest thing about this place is that it’s open until 4 a.m., and believe it or not it is packed at 4 a.m. They are most likely out of duck by then, naturally.IMG_6755

IMG_6761The menu at Great NY Noodletown is the most overwhelming menu I have ever seen because there are so many different parts and locations to find food to order. The menus are under the glass of your table, specials on the wall and even a plastic stand with additional menu items are set on the table to read. What the heck are you supposed to look at and how can you decide or tell the difference among the 100 different options? I do not have an answer except make sure you go here with a regular, big group so you can try lots of things or with someone who knows what they are ordering. Otherwise, you’ll be lost in the fire. The service is also incredibly rushed and fast, they’ll kick you out so they can use your table if you are just laligagging after eating.


IMG_6760Now everyone raves about the duck here and essentially that’s one of the reasons to come. I saw which one I wanted walking by on a plate so I ordered what I believed it to be (because obviously there are so many choices where do you begin). It was the Roast Duck and Roast Chicken on Rice appetizer. But damn I messed this one up as it came cold and was not what I expected. I’m still unsure what the hot one is called that everyone else in the room knew to order. On the other hand, the meat was still very tender and tasty, but I walked away ashamed and disappointed that what I came to get I failed. However, they are masters when it comes to making their Chinese Greens/Broccoli with oyster sauce. The veggie is cooked crisp with probably little to no oil, and the oyster sauce adds a bit of sweet/saltiness. I’m pretty sure I hogged the whole plate of this. Definitely get this as you will need some greens. We got some Flat Noodle Chicken dish (4th pic) because hello, this place is called Noodletown so shouldn’t we? Due to my flustered ordering experience with the huge menu and fast working staff I cannot tell you what it was called, but it was bad. The ingredients were fresh and cooked fine, I’ll give them that, but it literally just didn’t taste like anything and adding soy sauce did not even enlighten it. So ask for a noodle recommendation instead.

We threw in an order of Sesame Chicken last minute because why not pretend we are in high school again, at time when we didn’t know any other type of Chinese dish to order? Also because we found another menu after we ordered and spotted this gem. Shockingly, this is probably one of the best sesame chicken’s I’ve ever had. The meat was a big selection of white pieces and they were very fresh, not chewy or fatty at all like it can be at some restaurants where they don’t pay attention to what they are frying. I loved this guy. By the way this is the cheapest and most affordable meal. If you want a lot of food and don’t want to cough up much mula go here and don’t forget, it is ca$h only. We paid about $10 each for 4 of us, 5 dishes and beers which are only $3 each— laughable. Oh and they give you nice orange slices upon paying your bill which actually taste amazing at that point.

P.S. They only have beer as far as beverage options go.