Gran Electrica

The boys from Colonie opened this authentic Mexican joint at the beginning of the summer which leads me to claim that this is officially the year of the taco and Mexican restaurant movement to New York City. Gran Electrica’s design is quite unique. The indoor dining area is separated into two rooms because an apartment complex splits it down the middle which is pretty cool to see. However, don’t miss the opportunity to sit outside in the backyard at the pinic style wooden tables. The service outside is pretty quick but almost too quick. On a nice summer night, this is one of the most peaceful experiences you can obtain in New York, especially if you walk over the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun sets.

Surprisingly, what’s most impressive about the food is not the talked about Mexican fare but the extreme freshness of the seafood. The Peeky Toe Crab Tostada tasted like it was just caught and thrown off the boat and onto your plate. The combination of the crunch with the avocado, tender crab and lime is so refreshing. Although it’s a perfect appetizer to share, its hard to part with the second half, so you might want to solo order this. The Sweet Maine Shrimp which could be compared to a ceviche was also my favorite, and I loved the salty homemade chips. Sadly, I thought the fish tacos were overly dressed in sauce and not something I wanted to continue to force down my throat. However, Immaculate Infatuation thought otherwise, so I’ll let y’all decide for yourselves. The manager Mikaya rules.

Let’s be real. If you aren’t familiar with DUMBO,  you’ll get lost walking the quiet streets in search of a dining destination, so thankfully you can now add Gran Electrica to your list and skip Grimaldi’s Pizzeria -which isn’t even worth it.