Girl & The Goat (Chicago Getaway)

Girl & The Goat. Location: Chicago. West Loop. Randolph St. Scene: Big Room. Dark Lighting. Manly. Food: Roasted Beets. Chickpea Fritters. Crudo. Skuna Bay Salmon. Ham Frites. Pig Face. Pork Shank. Pretzel Bread. Confit Goat Belly.

Chek Recs:

  1. Pan Fried Shishito Peppers: Parmesan, Sesame Miso (1st pic)
  2. Diver Scallops: Braised Duck, Marcona Almond Butter, Green Papaya, Green Almond Nuoc (2nd pic)
  3. Roasted Cauliflower: Pickled Peppers, Pine Nuts, Mint (3rd pic)
  4. Sauteed Green Beans: Fish Sauce Vinaigrette, Cashews (Pic below)

Chef Stephanie Izard, the first-ever female winner of Bravo’s Top Chef from Season 4, is what essentially draws the crowds to Girl & The Goat and has made it one of the hardest reservations to secure in Chicago. This is why I was so surprised to see how casual and friendly the space was and that walk-ins are welcome and possible. The brown colors and wooden beams of the restaurant remind you of a ski town or brewery like in Aspen, and there are spots inside that are intimate for two and spots that are perfect for large groups and bachelor parties. With all the raves and buzz, I thought it was going to be overrated, but everything I put in my mouth was incredible, flavorful and impressive. We obliterated our plates, especially the vegetables which is funny since it’s all about the Goat here. Actually, the Goat dish with lobster ( 4th pic) was my least favorite dish. I still dream about the pan friend shishito peppers and after searching for them in both NYC and Austin, I haven’t found any that can cure my withdrawals/cravings. It’s truly unreal how she can make every vegetable taste like candy and use so many ingredients to dress them up. Sorry my friends, these greens are not “diet” friendly. My eyes were popping out with each bite along with a little giggle of amazement here and there. The scallops were huge, tender and perfectly seared which is hard to achieve. All of the dishes are ideal for sharing and pretty affordable when you realize you are eating at such a coveted restaurant and can walk away tasting so much. I had trouble getting my reservation two months in advance, so I’d recommend you make friends with someone that can get you in if  you are making the travels to Chi-Town. So thank you, Chef Sarah Grueneberg

The colorful goat mural on the wall is silly and weird, but hey, whatever, it works. The atmosphere with lots of dudes and dates reminds me a bit of The Purple Pig probably because all of the food is out of this world and the customers are there to appreciate it all. Some of the tables are close enough that you will start drooling over your neighbor’s food and slowly be infected with “orders remorse.” Damn, I still wish we got that Pretzel Bread! Basically, Girl & The Goat raped my expectations, and I may or may not think about that meal regularly…

Getcha self there!